We will change Entertainment forever

Experience Movies, Sports, Games, Concerts, as never before.
Based on VR/AR Technology.

We are a Vancouver-based VR/AR/AI startup company.
ABCDE stands for Absolute Beautiful Crazy Dreamer’s Entertainment.

Our Vision is to Create the NEXT Entertainment. Our product is CUBIC MOVIE. It is the contents platform of full 3D movie where you can participate with live action scenes of VR/AR aided by AI.

As Pixar Animation Studio has done with development of 3D Computer Graphics Animation, we would develop the full 3D live action capture studio system.

As Netflix provides the contents subscription platform for Movies, we creates contents platform of full 3D/ Volumetric Videos of VR/AR.


CUBIC MOVIE™ is a content platform of full 3-dimensional movie where you can participate within live action scenes based on VR/AR aided by AI.

This platform allows viewers to experience interactions within Movies, Sports, Games, Live events as never before.

The Team

We are a very diversed and motivated team of Crazy Dreamers. Ready to give the best to revolutionize Entertainment.

Hiroki Koike

Founder / CEO

Yann Klein

Product Manager

Samuel Bangboye

Software Engineer

Yudai Furumoto

Software Engineer